Business Incubation

SE-OC’s Hybrid Startup Incubation Model

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SE-OC’s Startup Incubation Model

SE-OC is following a hybridized startup approach that regeneratively grows new product lines by:

  • Exploiting the “Angelic Gap” between inventive scientists and mainstream sources of investment funding and mentorship
  • Co-locating foundational capabilities in precision prototype metal working and electro-optical assembly & testing along with experienced startup management and a high quality supply chain network
  • Patiently incubating disruptive system-level inventions from university, national laboratory, and individual “garage” sources
  • Emphasizing long-term collaboration, entrepreneurship, and capital efficiency through employee-ownership

The most promising instrumentation product lines will be incubated until significant investment capital ( > $100k) is required to support their growth. They will then be spun off as independent entities, with SE-OC maintaining a minority ownership stake.