Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation Press Release

Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation ( is pleased to announce the formation of a new division: SE-OC Off-Grid Solar Products. As the initial commercial foundation of this division, SE-OC has acquired the assets of Solar Tech Industries (STI), which includes a product line of innovative solar powered roof top attic fans. The attic fans were originally designed for ease of installation and superior reliability by David Muschaweck, a professional roofing contractor based in Simi Valley, CA.

David developed three different models to accommodate the particular sealing requirements of composite shingle roofs, Spanish “S-Tile” roofs, and concrete flat “F-Tile” roofs. All three models are electrically self-contained, and are regulated by an on-board thermostat to exhaust attic air above 87F (30.5C). This results in quiet and efficient fan-driven cooling on hot summer days while conserving heat during the cold winter months, and providing passive moisture ventilation at all times.

Previously, STI solar attic fans were available only to roofing contractors and roofing distributers in southern California. Effective immediately, the product line will be marketed and sold nationwide under the SE-OC brand. SE-OC is co-locating all related assembly and testing activities with its Unique Services, LLC prototype machine shop in Albuquerque, NM.

Commenting on the acquisition, SE-OC Founder & CEO Michael J Cumbo said, “We are generally excited about the long-term prospects of the Off-Grid Solar market segment, and are very happy to build on the inventions of David Muschaweck. The acquisition of STI’s solar powered attic fans is giving us an excellent jump start in this important market. The SE-OC team has an abundance of creative ideas for extension of the product line, and we anticipate many years of accretive growth in the solar segment.”

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About Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation (SE-OC)

Sandia Electro-Optics Corporation is a new, employee-owned enterprise, devoted to the development and commercialization of innovative measurement instruments in the life science and environmental sensing market segments. The Company is following a hybridized startup approach, beginning with the acquisition of a local precision machine shop, Unique Services, and then building an incubator that co-locates small strategic acquisitions of foundational precision mechanics and electro-optical component capabilities with disruptive system-level inventions from university and national laboratory sources.